MATE short film

A universal theme in popular western culture is used as a conundrum to provoke internal and external conflict to test human reaction to a life-changing situation. ‘Mate’ tells the tale of friendship, love and money. The short film is set in contemporary London looking at the relationship between third generation working class and middle class.


Dave: Akpore Uzoh
Gary: Dominic Kinsella
Laila: Monique Rowland
Shop keeper: Frank McCluskey
Brewers Sales assistant: Graham Harrison-Gair
Publican: Mick Whelan


Written and Directed by:
Pete Karlaganis
Freddie Osborne

Assistant Director:
Dave Powles

Art Director:
Patrice Gbedze

Directors of Photography:
Pete Karlaganis
Freddie Osborne

Sound Recordists:
Patrice Gbedze
Dave Powles

Casting by:
Chantelle Rowland

Make-up Artist:
Kay Hwang

Visual Effects Artist:
Jonathan De Torre

Colour Grading:
Jonas Moser

Sound Editor:
Leandro M. Mera Otero

Pete Karlaganis
Freddie Osborne

Music by:
Laurynas Lubys

Produced by:
Pete Karlaganis
Freddie Osborne

Mick Kennedy, Kingston University Film School (Rest in Peace)

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